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My blogs are private just to my fan club members! I can write dirty fantasies or keep you updated about my life with my blogs.

My request Date: Mar 31st @ 5:01pm EDT
Hi guys, how you feel today?
Today and every day i have an request for you, my profile is a bit low for the hour time change, i was working since 9pm untill 6am, now i have change hour time since 9am untill 4pm. now i got a bit difficult to enter on my profile... my request is about your POWERBOOTS, your powerboots wil help me to high my profile and be a better model every day, powerboots dont have any cost only what your heart want to give it to me. i will appreciate it to much, take care and be safe lovers
my obsession Date: Mar 31st @ 3:44pm EDT
I like to spank myself and punish. you want to help me count spanks?
I bring today some rules, i hope you like it Date: Mar 27th @ 11:39am EDT
Hi guys how are you find this beautiful day? Today I come to bring you a couple of rules, I hope it is from your liking and helps us to be more friendly
*Rule n.1: If you have a highly desired request and has tips, it will gladly be 100% willing to fulfill your request.
*Rule n.2: If you do not have credit, avoid making request, whether flashes,or masturbation, or touch parts of the body, or twerk, etc.
*Rule n.3: If you are in my room you must be kind, gentle loving and more than anything very friendly..
*Rule n.4: Not to be friendly or gentle, you will be expelled or ignored.
*Rule n.5: The only social network I use is Snapchat, of wanting to have my snapchat cost 50 tips.
*Rule n.6: In the PVT I do everything they ask me, I am open to new experiences and desires,,
*Rule n.7: If the PVT goes as you like, the only thing I ask is to give me tips in the PVT. Since your tips help me to be a better model every day and so we can spend more time very rich.
....I hope you liked my rules and we can be better people every day....
Your fantasies are my fantasies Date: Feb 10th @ 10:10am EST
Hello guys, these days I have become curious, I want to know your fantasies, I want us to play, enter my broadcast, tell me your craziest fantasy and if it is within my possibilities I will fulfill it for you !!! I will be very excited to listen to you and satisfy you !!
My first fan club blog Date: Sep 26th @ 12:40pm EDT
It's the first time I've used this blogging and fan club thing, I'm so excited to use this with you makes me feel important and get closer to you, being more intimate and more attached to you. Lesdoy thank you for taking the time to read these blogs and see i profile. I love them very much and I appreciate them very much
Welcome Date: Sep 26th @ 9:58am EDT
Hello, I welcome you to my fan club, I introduce myself as heidi rouse. I thank you for belonging to my fan club, I keep them in mind always and I am glad to be a favorite
Who really i am Date: Sep 18th @ 11:35am EDT
Hello, my name is Heidi Rouse. First of all, I feel a bit confident with you by telling you a little more about myself ... I am a very romantic, very sensitive person, with a strong character, but also very happy. I laugh at anything, cry out of nowhere and get upset why. But I like most of all not to show my sad emotions because I don't like to involve other people in my problems. I feel very excited to work here because of how incredible it is to meet millions of people from different parts of the world, and to know any facet of people even if they are a little strange. But this is the way the world is and this is how we should not change to please others. I try to avoid problems and not get involved in the problems of others
My favorite places Date: Sep 3rd @ 12:37pm EDT
Hello Hiedi lovers, today I wanted to bring you my favorite places. I'll start by saying that I really like the beach! For me the beach is one of the best places in the world. I love the combination of sun, sand, and the sea, the movements of the sea bring a lot of peace and tranquility. in fact, every time I go to the beach I have my ritual saying (I give my problems to the sea, so that they go away and spread like sand), and it works for me because of the peace I feel and the tranquility it gives me. my second favorite place is the mountain, I grew up in a place full of mountains, green grass, trees, the beautiful blue sky I met many animals. well my friends. This was all for today, I hope you like it I want you I hope to see you in my chat, many kisses bye
Meet my privacy Date: Sep 3rd @ 12:01pm EDT
Hello how are my dear and faithful followers. Today in this blog I come to tell you a bit about my initiation and my fantasies and desires. I tell them that I am very romantic and I like that they treat me with great delicacy and love. I like to treat people well so I try to give the same in return. I am open-minded, I do not judge people, I believe that human beings are free to experiment. I have certain fantasies with women, no serious relationship, only fetishes and a lot of eroticism. I like toys and of course, play a little. My favorite toys are: the dildo, the lovense, handcuffs, blindfold, whips, oils ...
Get to know me better Date: Sep 3rd @ 11:38am EDT
Hello my dear followers, my name is Heidi Rouse. I am characterized by having a great smile, many people always talk about my smile and tell me that they like it, I like to start the morning listening to a little house music to start the great commitment with you a little more relaxed, then I increase the intensity with r & b, a little soul, jazz, some reggae ... I like to fulfill requests and try to make sure that clients are satisfied to the fullest. I like that they make me laugh and start my day with a little humor. good music and a little mischief.
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